Montana Certified Organic Wheat!

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Packed in 6 Gallon Gasket Sealed Pails
for extra-long shelf life
*What makes this Organic Montana Wheat so special?

Organic Bronze Chief Hard Red Wheat
45 lbs. $59.90
Organic Prairie Gold Hard White Wheat 45 lbs. $67.90

*Grown high up in Montana (low in humidity and rainfall) fungus, disease, and insects are very rare. Our freezing winters eliminate many other problems that plague farmers in wetter, warmer regions. Certified USDA Organic by the Montana Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program.

We clean our wheat using a 6-step method. 1. two separate screen machines 2. separate wheat from the chaff 3. eliminate wild oats 4. length separator 5. de-stoner (gets out even the smallest stone chips) 6. two gravity tables (both separating according to density)

We love our Wheat!

Certified Organic Purple Prairie Hulless Barley - An Incredible 15%+ of Total Weight is Protein!!!

Hulless barleys are superior to the common barleys for human consumption, as the entire kernel is digestible. Common barleys are "pearled" or "blocked" to remove the outer hull. During those processes, a large percentage of the natural nutrition is lost due to the fact that when the germ of the grain is removed, along with it goes the oil, enzymes and vitamins - leaving mostly starch and reduced fiber.

Our company, along with Montana growers and producers are pioneering the promotion of Whole Grain Hulless Barley. Your body will love you for eating these Montana grown hulless barleys.

Supplies of Hulless Barley products are very limited.

Certified Organic Purple Prairie Hulless Barley40 lbs.$145.00
Certified Organic Golden Flax40 lbs.$165.00
Hard Red Winter Wheat45 lbs.$51.50
Oat Groats45 lbs.$69.95
Whole 7 Grain Mix45 lbs.$81.95
Pinto Beans45 lbs.N/A
11 Bean / Pea Mix45 lbs.N/A
Pure Montana Honey12 lb. PailN/A
Soft White Wheat45 lbs.$49.95
Spelt Berries45 lbs.$69.95

How to Order

  1. Minimum order is 3 pails (except for Organic Flax and Organic Hulless Barley which is a single pail). For best shipping rates, order 36 pails (1 full pallet) or in multiples of 36 pails.

  2. Total your order.

  3. Call 406-585-9324 or email for delivery time, availability, and shipping charges.

  4. Send check along with address, phone number and email address to:

Infinet Communications, Inc.
8551 Cottonwood Road
Bozeman, MT 59718

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