Single Source* Raw Minnesota Honey

Honey Bulk Pail

60 lbs. of Pure, Raw Minnesota Honey

Indefinite shelf life when stored cool & dry

*Single Source Honey
is collected over one specific time period, from one unique geographical location and from one single hive.

Single Source Honey is raw, unfiltered honey.  This means it has not been exposed to heat outside of the beehive and is not processed or blended.  Raw honey contains beneficial vitamins, enzymes and yeasts which processed honeys do not.  Raw honey is very delicate and can be damaged by careless management of the beehives, the placement of the hives, and the removal of the honey from the hives.  The aroma, flavor and body of the honey are all very much affected by all of these variables that are under the control of the beekeeper.

The primary honey producing plants are Basswood, Sweet Clover, Goldenrod, Dutch Clover and Thistle.  Secondary sources are Birdsfoots Trefoil, Boneset, Blue Vervain and Wild Bergamont.

Raw honey will crystallize and turn solid as compared to processed honey, which is heated and heavily filtered.  While heat destroys the delicate flavors, useful enzymes and character of the honey, it does prolong the liquid state for years.  Honey never spoils and crystallized honey can be re-liquefied by gently heating the container to 100º F in a pan of water.

Net Weight: 60 lbs. in a 5 gallon pail
Price:  $279.00 plus shipping

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