Manual Can Sealer


Comes Equipped to Seal #10 and #12 Cans


This Can Sealer is designed for use by Commercial Canners, Custom Canners, Private Food Supplies, Experimental Laboratories, Gift Packaging Centers, Home Canners, etc..  No skill or experience is required to perfectly seal cans automatically. It is designed to can Dry Goods Only.



Can Seamer



Price: Please call to receive best possible price too low to advertise


Professional quality made of extra heavy-duty cast aluminum construction.

  • Crafted of the finest hand cast aluminum
  • Heavy duty automatic senior fly-wheel can sealer
  • For Commercial and Semi-Commercial Use
  • Comes Equipped to seal #10 and #12 can
  • No skill or experience is required to perfectly seal tin cans automatically
  • Designed for use by commercial, experimental laboratories, private food suppliers, etc.

How To Order

1.  Call / email first for availability.

2.  Allow 2+ weeks for delivery.

3.  Include with your order:  name, street ship to address, daytime phone number and email address.


Send your order and check to:


Infinet Communications, Inc.

8551 Cottonwood Road

Bozeman,  MT  59718


Questions: or 406-585-9324